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Created in 1983 Interlab is distributing, installing and supporting Film and Television professional equipment over a large International Customer base. Our Customers are essentially TV Broadcasters, Film & Video Studios, Post-production houses State Televisions, Film schools and Productions.

INTERLAB is successful, because Focused in a limited range of products. Beside ,we discovered that Support is almost as important as the product as itself. For this reason, we developed our support to satisfy this requirement. Our Web site, is also reflecting our effort in this way, with more than 15GB of technical manuals, support bulletins and downloads this site provides instant access to precious informations. Our wish is to use Internet as a support tool more than a commercial item.

In this Web site, you can see our Product rage, Over most of our customers, before selling any thing, we are making a complete evaluation of the customer needs and then we are building a complete system, matching customer's requirements and budget.

Interlab's background, is the Film industry, Video and computer division was developed from 1987. This activity was boosted by the hiring of Engineers and investment in this area. From 1991, Interlab is present in Praha - Czech Republic, the very "Central" location allows us to support our major sites.

Best Regards
David Stein
Sales Manager of Interlab