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We propose all kinds of solutions starting from simple NAS - SAN infrastructure up to "Parallel File System" using IBM GPFS.

The best match performances / efficiency

From performance, availability and fault tolerant, parallel file systems like IBM GPFS with infrasctuctures from DDN Storage is probably the way to go.

Clients are connected to GPFS via regular Ethernet infrastructure in 1,10,40 or 100Gb/s choice depends on required bandwidth.

IBM GPFS (General Parallel File System) is a fully featured distributed file system design for massive storage with high load and low latency.
The Data Direct Network hardware is made with the same uncompromised goal: quality.

Both big boys supplies the biggest companies of the word.

New life for old storage

As the storage needs grows, exiting storages are most of the time trashed.

As ecologically concerned citizens, Our approach is to help you to re-use your exiting storage and re-configure it into offline snapshot backup.
Backups are not so common in big infrastructures. Customers relies 100% on RAID but do not consider human errors or major failure, because security supposes double investments. With our approach we offer a price attractive backup for a fraction of the initial coast, giving you both; exceptional performances and security.

The software we are using tracks only changes on the storage. So no redundant data is stored. You can go as user, through the backups and get a file or a directory at a given time. In the recovery zone, users have only the right to read.

Snapshot backups are strategic when you have lots of users accessing to the same storage space. In shared storage it can be hard to manage permissions. This can lead to accidental erasure of several Terabytes with no returns...

In those cases, you are more than happy to be able to recover your lost data. You then realize that external snapshots is not an optional toy but a vital feature protecting your company assets.