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Merging Technologies Latest Hardware

Our latest product Horus, a networkable AD/DA converter, has been awarded the Quality & Innovation Resolution Award in the Interface category!

We would like to thank the Resolution readership for selecting Horus as the Winner.

We are extremely honored of this culminating award in a great sequence over 2012 for our youngest baby.

Pyramix 8

New Features and Improvements


Merging Technologies’ cornerstone product, Pyramix 8 is now the first DAW in the world to natively support RAVENNA Audio over IP for use with its “DSP” based system. A gigantic leap forward in connectivity for professional audio equipment, RAVENNA allows users to interchange real-time audio streams across (properly managed) standard Layer 3 networks. This new connectivity is what allows for ultra-low latency interaction with our revolutionary new audio interface, Horus. Now available for use with both our MassCore and ASIO based Native Engines, this combination is set to create a new benchmark in the pro-audio world.

Aside from this though, a whole slew of new features and enhancements are now available with the V8 release, bringing enhancements to almost every workflow. Please have a good look below to find out all the new features and improved tools that are inside our new Pyramix Virtual Studio.

Pyramix image

VCube 4

VCube 4 is a set forward in many ways from previous versions. aside from optimization and bug fixes. we are happy to include the following in the V4.0 release.


Improved Auto-Edit

With a new "Assemble" mode and improvements to the Auto-Edit Record, users are now able to ingest files by performing frame-accurate 3-point editing from a Sony 9-pin synchronized VTR. "Assemble" mode will replace all tracks from the current position, while “Insert” mode will replace only selected tracks.

Improved media file handling

Updates to codec handling, parsing and VCube responsiveness during offline operations are just some of the enhancements that Version4 users can benefit from.

Others are a reworked "Drag & Drop" behaviour, to experience an easier access to files directly from Windows Explorer. Dropping to Preview window will restart a new composition based on the file dropped, while dropping to the Timeline will place in the composition in one of the 3 possible ways: "Place to Cursor", "Insert to Cursor" or "Enqueue".

Finally, VCube 4 has an increased list of codecs which can be cross-wrapped from MXF to MOV (or from MOV to MXF): IMX, XDCAM-HD, DNxHD, DVCPro. This allows a smooth integration in workflows involving MOV-based editing software and MXF files delivery.

Batch Render

MXFix now integrates a Batch Render, which can also be used from VCube. Setup your render settings, put your files in the Watch Folder, and render your files or compositions while you’re sleeping, or just doing something else!

VCube image

Ovation 4

Ovation 4 is another leap forward for the entire AV/events/entertainment industry. With features covering everything from broadcast playout to interactive AV envinronment creation, Ovation 4 is the perfect tool for your next audio installation.


the Perfect tool for:

  • Theatre
  • AV
  • Theme Parks
  • Concerts
  • Spectacles
  • Museums
  • Interactive
  • Cruise Ships

Ovation image